Kinco Women's Suede Pigskin Palm With Safety Cuff Small, Aqua (Small, Aqua)


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These gloves feature a sturdy cotton-blend canvas with suede pigskin for lightweight, long-lasting performance that’s perfect for taking on projects ranging from construction to lawn and garden maintenance to farm work. The suede pigskin palm gives them exceptional durability and flexibility even after getting a little wet. Their rubberized safety cuff keeps out debris, while a pigskin knuckle strap shields your hand from bumps and abrasions. A back-of-hand cotton blend provides breathable coverage to help your hands stay sweat-free when you’re working hardest. Available in women’s-specific sizing.

Aqua cotton-blend canvas fabric on back-of-hand offers lightweight, breathable coverage
Golden suede pigskin palm protects the hand with exceptional durability, & due to its porous nature, remains soft & flexible after getting wet
Aqua cotton-blend canvas fabric rubberized safety cuff guards wrist from outside elements & helps to deflect debris when layered over long sleeves
Shirred elastic tightens the shell material to the shape of the hand above the widening of the palm & provides an additional preventative measure to block particles from further entering the glove
Leather palm extending to the wrist offers additional inner-wrist protection & reduces stress & damage to the seam
Aqua pieced cotton-blend canvas fabric hem incorporates an added piece of material, which creates a finished look & prevents fraying
Pigskin knuckle strap provides added protection from bumps & abrasions
Wrap-around index finger design creates increased durability & comfort, & ensures that the high-rub areas on the exterior of the finger are not compromised by potential thread or seam failures
Golden suede pigskin patches at the distal end of the fingers provide a protective barrier around the fingernails & fingertips, which reinforces the base material & seams for added wear
Angled wing thumb design, which is seamless between the palm & thumb, offers additional flexibility & comfort
Soft polyester-cotton blend lining on palm wicks moisture to keep the hand comfortable & dry
Gunn cut pattern allows for fewer seams between the fingers, reduces the exposure of seams in high-wear areas of the palm, & allows the back-of hand base material to remain seamless for longer wear & comfort
Leather welt at high-contact base of middle & ring fingers reinforces seam strength & durability

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