About Us

Established in 1975, we are a premium garden, lawn, pet and farm supply store. But, more importantly Dodge’s Agway in 3 convenient New Hampshire locations: Hampton Falls, Plaistow and Exeter has come to mean much more. Our experienced and knowledgeable team listens, cares and understands how to give the right advice and point you in the right direction. At Dodge’s it’s not about the products we sell, rather it’s about our customers whom we serve. We offer honest service at our three New Hampshire locations. Our store offers quality supplies at great prices. Our products improve the overall long term value of your lawn, farm and garden experience. From pet supplies and free soil PH testing to wild bird feed mixing, we have them all. If you are looking for high-quality farm, garden, lawn or pet products then feel free to visit Dodge’s Agway.

The Early Days

Dodge’s Agway has become a landmark since its beginnings in 1975. Shortly thereafter, in 1983, Dodge’s opened their Plaistow, NH location. Their goal was to continue their long-standing tradition of convenience, quality, great advice and excellent customer service. The niches that they served were: Animal feed, shavings, hay and straw, lawn and garden care for the homeowner; turf seed, specialty wild bird food; specialty animal feed mixes for backyard farmers; fresh wild bird food and feeders; quality pet food and supplies; high quality vegetable and flower plants; mulches and soils.

When 2001 rolled around, Dodge’s purchased Rockingham Feed & Supply in Exeter, NH. Dodge’s previously enjoyed a long relationship with Kerry Bronk, the former owner, and he offered it to Dodge’s Agway when it was time for him to sell his business. Once again, the special Dodge’s brand of customer service and quality products expanded to a wider New Hampshire audience.

John Dodge has since sold the business to the current owners, his daughter Elizabeth and her husband, Keith. John elected to stay on with the company in order to provide his long-seasoned advice and customer guidance. He lends his time to customers with lawn, garden, poultry, tree and shrub questions. He also holds farm talks with 4H clubs and organizes garden seminars with garden clubs. John exemplifies the qualities that our Dodge’s Agway customers have come to know and love as they continue to make their choice to frequent our stores season after season.

Meet Our Owners

Keith R. Webster

Keith joined the company in October, 1994 as a warehouse manager after working as a foreman in the residential and commercial construction industry for 15 years. He quickly and enthusiastically became involved in the day-to-day operation of the business, while absorbing more and more of the core knowledge which he shares so openly with customers on a daily basis. He was a key factor in the purchase of the landmark business, Rockingham Feed, in Exeter. He became Hampton Falls’ store manager in 1998, and with his wife, Elizabeth, purchased Dodge’s Agway from John W. Dodge in 2003. Keith presently serves as President of the company and fulfills his operational roll for all the stores, while actively working with and helping clients on a regular basis.

Elizabeth D. Webster

Liz started with the company at the very young age of 12 upon the opening of the first family store in 1975. She worked at the Hampton Falls location throughout high school and college, and gained in-depth knowledge about the business and the products and services that she continues to build on even today. Having left in 1985 to work for a law firm in Hanover, New Hampshire, she returned to the business in 1997 in order to assist with plant sales and customer service, something for which she has always had a passion. She then became more involved with marketing, advertising and the day-to-day business operations. Although Liz presently serves as Treasurer of the company, she wears many hats to continue the service and success of the company mission.

Visit Us

If you haven’t experienced Dodge’s Agway, then you should plan a visit. We’ll be waiting for you, so bring your questions and ideas and let us know how we can serve you better. We also keep stock of animal feed.