Traction Magic Quick Application All Natural Ice and Snow Melter

Traction Magic

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The use of ice melters does not solve the problem of the need to immediately cross icy or snowy surfaces. Traction Magic is the only traction agent that works instantly. It can be used when your car is stuck, when you need to walk on walkways, driveways, or decks. Traction Magic’s all natural crystals first absorbs in the liquid layer and then, with their spiky ends, bury themselves into ice sheet. The icy surface, with the granules buried into it, provides a stable non-slip surface similar to sandpaper for your tires, shoes, and paws to travel on. Traction Magic Works with temperature down to -35 degree C is 100% natural, safe to handle, and effective. Made in USA.

  • Easily spread a light coating on the surface, and instantly turn ice into a non-skid surface – whether below your feet or under your tires!
  • Safe on all concrete – no freeze thaw effect whatsoever
  • Protects livestock travels through multiple terrains, without compromising the surfaces encountered.
  • Protect horses on winter tracks.
  • Absorption materials absorbs, water, oil, urine, feces, blood and other liquids. 
  • Pet and Kid Safe even if ingested.
  • Concentrated formula – use ¼ of what you would use with salt No chemistry, applied once in icy situations.
  • RE-USABLE: If only absorbing water and alcohol, reusable.  With liquids that do not evaporate, not reusable.  Saves a lot of money in reuse, because it is easily sweep up, and placed back into the emergency kit.


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