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Product Description

Sunshine Plus is a heavily fortified, complete supplement, containing yeast culture and MosPlus. It is formulated to balance forage diets and to enhance the level of nutrition in cattle, horses, goats, rabbits and guinea pigs. Sunshine Plus is an excellent “lite” feed for animals that require minimal to no grain..


Features & Benefits

Multiple Protein Sources

A 30% protein supplement containing soybean meal and dried whey ensures quality protein is available to meet the amino acid requirements for young growing animals and to sustain muscle and tissue strength for performance and showing. Sunshine Plus will help meet the protein needs of animals with limited intakes or those fed low-protein grass hay.

Palatable Pellet

High quality feed ingredients are incorporated into a highly palatable, highly digestible, pelleted form to ensure a consistent intake of protein, minerals and vitamins in every bite.

Bio-Available Selenium and Vitamin E

Together, selenium and vitamin E act to maintain normal muscle function, aid in the prevention of muscular disease, and provide antioxidant protection to body tissue from oxidation induced damage. Overall health and performance is maintained by these important immune system nutrients, especially during times of stress. 

Chelated Zinc, Copper and Manganese

The greater absorption and utilization of zinc, copper and manganese helps meet the increased needs for bone, muscle and tissue strength in show and performance animals. Overall reproductive performance and efficiency is sustained in breeding anilmals.

B-Complex Vitamins (including Biotin) 

Added B vitamins aid in the efficient breakdown and transformation of nutrients into usable energy, especially during conditions of stress. B-vitamins are involved in the maintenance and strength of growing bones and joints, as well as the maintenance and production of healthy skin, hair and hoof tissues. 

Yeast Culture

Promotes a functional microbial fermentation, sustaining nutrient digestibility and utilization with fewer digestive problems.


 Supports the presence of beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract, resulting in an active and healthy intestinal environment.

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