Greenlawn 65lb Commercial Broadcast Spreader With Poly Tires


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The 2030 Single broadcast spreader offers the homeowner a large capacity spreader with features found on our commercial models. The unit comes with 10 inch deep lug poly tires, a rustproof poly hopper and an epoxy coated steel frame. EarthWay’s patented 3-hole-drop system, with side-spread control, promotes an even 180 degree spread pattern with feathered edging for accurate applications. The Side Spread control allows you to shut off one side of the spread for garden beds, sidewalks and more. A commercial-quality gearbox with durable, enclosed gears has a handle-mounted controller that easily adjusts for varying rates of distribution. Can spread a wide range of fertilizer, seed, ice melt and more making this unit perfect for all your spreading needs.

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