Tarter Galvanized Cradle Bale Feeder


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The Galvanized Cradle Bale Feeder is an “all-access pass” feeding solution for most livestock. The Cradle Bale Feeder is safe for small animals and will save you money. Its unique design keeps round hay bales off the ground and reduces moisture build-up. This helps your hay last longer and reduces your feeding costs.

This feeder has a removable gate so you can quickly and easily load hay. Made with 1¾” round tubing, this feeder withstands tough elements and is coated with a corrosion-resistant finish. The Cradle Bale Feeder’s unique design makes it one of our most versatile livestock feeding solutions. While larger animals can reach hay from the top, smaller livestock like sheep and goats can easily access the bottom of the bale.

We do not recommend this feeder for horned cattle.

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